Danelec VDR DM 100

Pioneering VDR development
  • fast and cost efficient retrofit via Conversation Kits
  • supports unique SWAP technology
  • real-time monitoring and replay of recorded data
  • access to APT certificates and service history via unique eService Platform


VDR development

Danelec set the bar for quality and functionality when VDR became mandatory in 2002. We continue to lead, with the most powerful, scalable and cost-effective technology portfolio featuring future-proof solutions for reliability, easy installation and next generation IoT capabilities.

Conversion Kits

A gowing number of (S-)VDRs have been installed more than a decade ago and are typically beyond their intended service life. They can be unreliable, and many are not supported anymore making spare parts rare and servicing expensive. Save between one and two working days per installation when upgrading to a Danelec VDR through conversion kits that enable technicians to optimise and simplify migration from VDRs developed by more than 45 manufacturers. In addition, by applying a set of mechanical hardware, software tools and sensor interface soltuins developed by Danelec, cable runs and mounting hardware from existing systems on board can be reused.


Danelec’s new generation VDR was the first on the market to meet the latest performance standards and technical requirements, as defined in MSC.333(90) and IEC 61996-1 Ed.2, taking effect on July 1, 2014. Designed specifically for maritime application down to the last component, the DM100 VDR offers high quality and reliability in a compact and lightweight, easy-to-install solution. The DM100 VDR is Wheelmark approved by DNV GL, and is intended for installation on passenger ships as well as cargo vessels of 3.000 GT and above, constructed after July 1, 2002.

Simple construction

Danelec Marine VDR systems are designed around a purpose-built Linux-based computer platform rather than an off-the-shelf PC, with fewer components for better reliability.

Since they design and manufacture their own products, they can guarantee that they can be serviced for a minimum of 10 years after the end of life of the product line.

Technical informations:

Power Supply: 230 VAC