Furuno VHF FM 8900S

Wheelmark approved, full GMDSS-compliant VHF Radio
  • DSC Claas A
  • ATIS signal transmission available for inland waters
  • Channel 70 Watch receiver
  • Semi-duplex 25W/ 1W radiotelephone


The FM-8900S is a cost-effective all-in-one marine VHF radio system consisting of a 25W VHF radiotelephone, a DSC modem and a CH70 watchkeeping receiver. It complies with GMDSS carriage requirements for safety and general communications.

The FM-8900S offers simplex or semi-duplex voice communication on ITU channels in the marine mobile VHF band. The features include Scanning Dual Channels (DW), which allows a continuous watch on CH16 and another selected frequency.

Data is displayed on a large, easy-to-read color LCD. Operation is simplified by the use of few keys and easy-to-follow menus.

The built-in DSC function produces and receives digital selective callings for quick and efficient establishment of distress, urgency, safety and routine communications with other ships and coast stations that install any VHF DSC facilities.

Full Class-A DSC functions are provided for distress alert transmission and reception, as well as the safety call, urgency call and general call formats (Individual telephone, Group call). Distress alert can be transmitted but an arrangement is provided to prevent accidental activation. The FM-8900S maintains a continuous watch on CH70 even while another VHF Channel is in use. Aural and visual alarms are given to incoming DSC messages.

Technical informations:

Power Supply: 24 VDC
Output Power: 1W/ 25W
Display size: 4.3"
Display Type: color LCD