Intellian VSAT v60Ka

65cm maritime VSAT Antenna System
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Single coaxial cable installation
  • Embedded dual antenna mediator
  • Stabilized antenna


Compact and Lightweight

The v60Ka Gen-II is a 60 cm compact and lightweight Ka-Band VSAT antenna based on the NX Platform. The light weight of the antenna system (86 lbs/39 kg) provides an easy and convenient way to reduce installation time and cost. Despite being the smallest and lightest in the NX class of antennas, the v60Ka GenII is a top-notch performer even in the harshest sea conditions.

Single Coaxial Cable

The v60Ka Gen-II combines RF, M&C, and DC power into a single coaxial cable. The single coaxial cable carries the Tx, Rx, DC power, and M&C and reference signals between the antenna and the ACU.

Embedded Dual Antenna Mediator

Intellian’s new ACU fully supports dual antenna operation without additional complexity and components such as a separate mediator and RF splitters. To enable Dual Antenna operations, only three cables (two RF and one Ethernet) need to be connected between the two antennas. Streamlined configuration of the dual antenna operation is done via AptusNX.


AptusNX, Intellian’s all new integrated M&C platform, provides a responsive user interface to manage antenna systems. It also has an intelligent diagnosis function for accurate and enhanced antenna monitoring, and provides detailed reports and measurement for convenient maintenance.

Technical information

Radome height: 92.5cm | 36.4”
Radome Diameter: 86cm | 33.85”
Reflector Diameter: 65cm | 25.59”
Weight Antenna: 39kg | 86lbs
Weight Control Unit: 5.2kg
Azimuth Range: unlimited
Elevation Range: -20° to 115°
Cross-level Range +-37°
TX Frequency: 29.0-30.0GHz Ka Band
Rx Frequency: 19.2-20.2GHt Ka Band