Jotron EPIRB Tron 60AIS

Wheelmark Approved AIS EPIRB
  • AIS Approved Float-free EPIRB
  • AIS homing technology included for faster localization
  • Prepared for RLS through Galileo GNSS
  • 11 year and 3 month total battery lifetime



The Tron 60AIS is buoyant and have water activated contacts which will start DISTRESS transmission if deployed into water. Tron 60AIS are currently available with two different brackets, one manual type and one float free version. Both type of brackets prevents DISTRESS transmission if water spray are applied to the EPIRBs. The Float free bracket, FB-60 is a covered bracket with an hydrostatic release unit (HRU) which will release the Tron 60AIS if the bracket is submerged to a depth of 2-4 meters if the ship are about to sink. The Manual bracket, MB-60 is a simple bracket for those ships which does not need a float free version, or for those in need of an additional manual EPIRB in the wheelhouse as required by some national administrations. The manual bracket will also be used as a shipment bracket when Jotron send replacement units to customers. The purpose of the Tron 60AIS is to give a primary alarm to the search and rescue authorities. The EPIRB gives an immediate alarm when activated, transmitting the ID of the ship in distress. Care must be taken not to activate the EPIRB unless in an emergency situation, in such cases the user will be held responsible. For periodic testing a test function is implemented. During the test cycle the EPIRB does a self-test on the transmitters and on the battery status. The battery of the EPIRB will last for at least 48 hours from activation of the EPIRB. This EPIRB is also able to give the user a visual feedback if the alarm has been received by a SAR center and hep is on the way (RLS). In case of emergency this EPIRB will also be shown on local AIS receivers.

Technical informations:

Operating life: min 48 hours at -20°C
Frequency: 406.031 MHz/ 121.500 MHz/ 161.975 MHz/ 162.025 MHz
Output power: 5W/ 100mW