Simrad Echosounder S3009

Wheelmark approved Navigation Echosounder
  • Highly accurate depth recording with 12 hour stored history
  • Expanded S3009+S5100 system supports split screen readout with bow and stern transducers
  • Industry standard 50 kHz and 200 kHz transducers
  • Cost effective and compact system for smaller, single-transducer vessels


Exceeding requirements

The Simrad S3009 Navigational Echosounder meets the requirement for reliable and accurate bottom tracking and depth recording on a wide range of commercial vessels. Exceeding the latest performance standards for IMO compliance, the S3009 features modern controls for easy operation. The single-transducer S3009 system is cost effective, compact, and easy to install in tight spaces. An S3009 expanded system is also available, which adds the S5100 transceiver to enable separate bow and stern transducers.

Technical information

Display: 9-inch diagonal, 480x800 Pixel
Bachlight: LED
Transducer 50kHz or 200kHz
Frequencies: Single Channel:  S3009; 50 kHz or 200kHz based on transducer selection
 Frequencies Dual channel w/S5100; 50/50 kHz; 50/200 kHz; 200/200 kHz
Output Power: 1kW RMS