Skipper Speedlogs EML224 Compact

Single Axis Doppler Speed Log System
  • IMO Wheelmarked with MED-B
  • Water speed log in single or dual axis (STW)
  • Compact Display 144x144 mm
  • NMEA 0183 and Analog pulses output


Single AXIS Speed through Water Doppler Speed Log system

The SKIPPER Compact EML224 is a single or dual axis speed log, working on the electromagnetic principle, providing longitudinal and transversal ship’s speed relative to sea water. The Compact EML224 gives accurate navigation parameters, measured as they happen, and presented in a logical, user friendly way.

Electromagnetic technology is considered a good low end solution for speed log requirements. With both 1 and 2 axis versions available the system, once installed, requires no calibration.

The EML 224 measures the speed of the vessel through the water at all times and in any depth. The measurement is made on the surface of the hull and has no minimum depth. The system includes a single sensor mounted in a tank or Sea Valve. The display housing can be mounted anywhere on the bridge and a connection box allows for easy installation and diagnostics from laptop with a RS-232 COM port.

Not only does the Compact EML224 present the critical parameters on screen, but can be interfaced with bridge systems and repeaters. The compact EML224 can also present temperature and other NMEA values from the NMEA Interface.

Technical informations:

Number of Axis: 1
Speed range: +/- 50 knots
Accuracy: bettert than 0.2 knots or 2% (whichever is greater)
Resolution: 0.1 knots