Sperry Marine Gyrocompass Navigat 200

Wheelmark approved spinning mass gyrocompass
  • Dual, triple and quadruple configurations available / compliant
  • 180° heading offset function for shuttle vessels
  • HSC approved
  • System architecture based on Ethernet


NAVIGAT 200 is the latest advancement of the Nothrop grumman SPerry Marine spinning mass gyrocompass.
Built on the successful NAVIGAT X MK1, the NAVIGAT 200 combines the latest technology breakthrough with quality, price and requires minimal service support. Single, dual or triple Gyrocompass System option.

Design and Main features

The Navigat 200 is a micropocessor controlled system which features internal North speed error correction. The housing is made out of polyurethane, which allows installation on any kind of bridge.


The Navigat 200 offers the possibilty to connect 8 gyro repeaters (IEC61162-1/2) including 24V DC power supply on different outputs at the same time. Additional 11 Outputs (IEC61162-1/2) are available to transmit data to e.g. Radar, AIS or ECDIS. Also a analog +/- 10V output is offered. Availability of inputs for a Central Alarm Monitor, 2x Speedlog, 2x GPS and magnetic heading source offers everything needed for a reliable and precise heading output.

Maintenance intervalls

The regular maintenance should be carried out by a authorized service technician in a 18 month circle. It is recomended that the Gyrosphere and centerpin are replaced every 5-years.

Technical informations:

Power Supply 24 VDC (main) and 24 VDC (backup)
Heading resolution:  0.1°
follow-up rate: 100°/sec
settling time: 2-3h