Sperry Marine Speedlog Naviknot Series

Speed and Distance Measuring Sytem Naviknot 350E/450D/600S/600SE/600SD
  • Retrofit solution for Naviknot III or II systems available
  • Double-Ended Ferry Mode available
  • Up to three additional Control Units may be connected
  • Variety of configurations and accessories



Naviknot Series

The NAVIKNOT Multi-sensor Speed Log series comprises a uniquely flexible range of speed log sytems, for use on many types of vessels, such as cruise ships, container ships, tankers, superyachts and a wide variety of other craft.

Northrop Grumman Sperry Marine has a long and successful history of provoding high-accuracy speed logs, and is unique is using both Doppler and electromagnetic sensors, as well as satelite technology. This experience and capability guarantees you the perfomance you require, wether in new-build or for upgrades or retrofits, complementing the existing technology in use.

Low cost, easy installation and service

By offering systems using Doppler and electromagnetic sensors or satellite receivers, the NAVIKNOT serie senables you to choose from a wide range of new-built or retrofit solutions to provide optimal functionality to suit your particular requirements.

Technicial informations:

Power Supply: 18-36 VDC