Swiss Radar River Radar Precision Navigator II

Professional River Radar
  • The different versions available (BASIC, STANDARD, ECDIS)
  • Display of Inland AIS
  • Intuitive Operation
  • Blackbox recording


Inland AIS and ECDIS

The latest development from SWISS RADAR sets new standards: for the first time, radar, Inland AIS and ECDIS card are combined in one compact unit. The Precision Navigator II, the multifunctional navigation system that leaves nothing to be desired.

One device – multiple options.

The Precision Navigator II provides three directly selectable operating modes: MAP, RADAR and ECDIS mode. In all three modes, AIS objects can be faded in and out just by pressing a button.

SyncPlot technology

In ECDIS mode, the map and the radar echoes are shown overlaid. SWISS RADAR has developed a unique image loading technology: SyncPlot technology. Radar echoes and the stored map are updated simultaneously in real time. The result is an ideal correspondence of the radar echoes on the map at any time and uninterrupted and smooth image loading.


All versions of the Precision Navigator II can save screenshots. The pictures can be easily exported to a USB stick and displayed on any PC.

Blackbox Recording

In the event of an accident or other special events, you are very well protected with the Precision Navigator II: When the unit is switched on, all visual information is recorded as a video file all the time. These records can be viewed directly on the device or exported via a USB stick. The default recording period is 24 hours, this may be increased if so desired. The video files are Windows-compatible.

Inland AIS perfectly integrated

Your AIS system is perfectly integrated in the Precision Navigator II. AIS objects can be displayed in RADAR, MAP and ECDIS mode. All approved AIS devices are supported. In addition to the different display options, you can also view the detailed AIS information of the other vessels. But SWISS RADAR goes one step further: Your own AIS data can be edited directly with the Precision Navigator II. You use the alphanumeric keyboard (supplied) for this purpose. Information such as destination, estimated time of arrival, or your other AIS information can be adapted quickly and easily. Refer to the specifications to see which AIS devices are supported by this easy-to-use control system.

Intuitive Operation

The compact control unit allows direct access to all the device’s functions. Important functions such as range selection, hiding of the AIS objects or switching between RADAR, MAP and ECDIS mode can be controlled directly just by pressing a button. Advanced functions are available via a clearly arranged menu. The newly developed control concept allows accurate and fast control, even in difficult situations. To enter text, for example, when editing your own AIS data, the alphanumeric keyboard (supplied) can be used.

Brilliant flat screen

The high-contrast, compact 19’’ TFT monitor offers very high visibility, even in strong ambient light. At the touch of a button, five different colour combinations can be chosen for day and night. The brightness of the monitor can be easily controlled via a rotary knob on the keyboard.

Stay one step ahead with Swiss quality

All SWISS RADAR brand devices are developed and produced in the heart of Switzerland. The manufacturer, JFS Electronic Sturtzel Co. AG, based in Hünenberg, has more than 45 years of experience in building radar systems. The Precision Navigator II is the first device to be tested and approved in accordance with the ZKR specifications, which applies to the very latest category 4 equipment. SWISS RADAR is constantly improving the Precision Navigator II by adding new features and capabilities. Of course, devices that have already been installed can benefit too.

Three modular versions – upgradeable at any time.

The Precision Navigator II is available in three attractive versions: BASIC, STANDARD, and ECDIS. Thanks to the modular structure, it can be easily upgraded to a higher version at any time.

Technical information

Antenna length: 6 ft, 7 ft or 9 ft
Rotation Speed: 28 RPM
Power Supply: 24VDC | 230VAC
Peak output power: 4kW
Screen Size: 19”
NMEA inputs: 4x IEC 61161-1 ports and 2x IEC 61162-2 ports
AIS input: 1x IEC 61161-2 port
AIS output: 1x IEC 61161-2 port
Analog interfaces 3 ports (turn indicator, autopilot, rudder), +-20mV/ degree