Tokyo Keiki Gyrocompass TG 8000/8500

IMO applicable Gyrocompasssystem
  • very low service cost - no pump, liquid or heater needed due to exceptional construction
  • Fast follow-up rate (maximum 75°/s)
  • Minimal system components for dual gyro system for space saving & installation cost
  • Compatible with IBS (Integrated Bridge System)



TG-8000/8500 is designed based on the previous TG model which has been installed on more than 8000 ships, keeping its high reliability, enhanced follow-up performance and interfacing features for equipment. The TG-8000 is designed for standard IMO ship application whereas the TG-8500 is designed for High-SPeed Craft application

Technical informations:

Power Supply: 24 VDC
max rate of turn: 70°/s