Zöllner electronic sound transmitter Zetfon 400/310

Electronic sound transmitter
  • standby heating to avoid condensed water
  • type approved by all wellknown international authorities and classification societies
  • system voltage: 24 V DC or 230 V AC 1phase plus 24 V DC emergency supply possible
  • entirely made of best non-corrosion, seawater resistant materials



The ZETFON 400/310 is an electronic sound transmitter. It consists of the ZETFON (sound emitter) itself mounted on the mast and a control and amplifier unit for wheelhouse installation. The control and amplifier unit contains all electronic components including the heavy transformer. This way heavy weight on the mast is avoided and vital components are within easy reach. The ZETFON is an economic alternative to air whistles on vessels without air compressor.

Technical Informations

Voltage: 230VAC + 24VDC | 24VDC
Fundamental Frequency: 130dB
max Input Sounding: 500W
Body Heating: 30W | 100W
Protection type: IP56